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Find out more about this experience in Ecuador, Argentina

Who we are

Latin Horizons is an international organization that helps foreign students to find internships and volunteer positions in Latin America. Students can contact us directly for placements in a wide range of companies and organizations. In addition, we work in cooperation with various foundations and local partner organizations. We know what students want and what the organizations expect! 

What we do

Latin Horizons is dedicated in providing the most affordable, all-inclusive international internships and volunteer programs available in MOST Latin American countries. We are the bridge between the company/organization and student/university. Our experienced staff can offer the best hands-on learning opportunities for you.

What is my responsibility

When you arrive, we take care of airport pickup, housing and Spanish lessons, which are all included in our internship and volunteer programs. Housing includes options such as: Host family, hostel, student apartments, Independent living and others. I your spare time during your stay, you can participate in tours and adventures around the city or the country. Participants are ony responsible for their international tickets, vaccinations and visa to Ecuador (necessary in you stay more than 6 months. Our staff will be available to you 24/7.

How to Apply?

Once you finally decide about which program you wish to apply FOR, you may begin the application process. We  suggest you apply 2 months in advance. Placement will be on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Fill out the application FORM (Internships and volunteers)
  • Resume (Internships)
  • Return everything to us by email
  • Internship program: From 4 weeks to 24 weeks, combined with 4 weeks of intensive Spanish lessons, accommodation, and full time local assistance. Placements are available in professional related fields such as: tourism, fair trade, medicine, publicity communications and law.
  • Volunteer program: From 4 weeks to 24 weeks, combined with 2 weeks intensive Spanish lessons, accommodation and full time local assistance. Placements are in such fields as: education, conservations, animal rescue projects, health, and social and community services.
  • Travel & Study: From 1 week. Intensive one on one or mini group Spanish lessons, accommodation, adventure trips and full time local assistance.
  • For a specific work program: Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you to create a program that suits your needs and desires.
  Don't just go abroad, taste the true Latin spirit!